About Savannahs

About Savannah cats:


Savannah cat is a hybrid feline that comes from a cross between a Savannah cat and the African Serval cat. The Savannahs are known as one of the most expensive cats in the world, their name simply comes from the African Savannah desert.



Savannah cats are tall, with a slim body and a long neck that gives them the appearance of a greater size than their actual weight. Their large ears and beautiful extraordinary color comes from the serval. They are the size of medium dog and they are extremely sociable. The back of the ears in the Savannah breed have special markings that are called “Ocelli”.



Savannah cat breed has 7 generations, the letter “F” stands for “filial” and refers to the generation of savannah or to be more exact how many generations away from the Serval.

In the F1 generation, one parent is the African Serval.

In the F2 generation, one grandparent is the African Serval.

In the F3 generation, one great-grandparent is the African Serval, and so on.


The kittens that we are producing are F2B, the letter “B” means that both parents are Savannahs.

The F1, F2, and F3 are considered to be “high generation/early generations” which means that the Serval % is higher than in other lower generations. The F1 and F2 tend to be larger due to the stronger genetic influence from the African Serval, and F6 and F7 the smallest.


Why are earlier generations so expensive?

This is because it is very hard to produce them, the average number of kittens in the litter vary between 1-3 at the most. In comparison with the lower generations, the average number of kittens in the litter is about 4-6.


Are they hypoallergenic?

They are as hypoallergenic as a cat can get. Most people are allergic to saliva that the cat produces, but from the personal experience, our friends that have allergies to regular domestic cats, did not have an allergic reaction while interacting with our.


About Savannah Cats:

The F1 and F2 appear to be more exotic than other generations. Savannah hybrid cats are very active and intelligent. Earlier generations of Savannah cats can jump very high and can easily reach up to 8-9 feet. Their weight is usually between 10–20 pounds.

Savannah cats are commonly compared to dogs, they can be trained to walk on a harness and to play fetch.

Savannah cats love children, they can play with them all day long. Earlier generations of Savannah cats love water. They will be happy to shower with you or simply play in the bowl of water. That is why “Savannah house proofing” becomes important. They are attracted to water and sometimes you can find them playing in the toilet bowl, splashing it around. A sense of humor is essential to live with a Savannah cat.


Savannahs are unique to their “leap”, that trait comes from the Serval, they spring off the ground using all four legs compared to the domestic cat that uses front legs only for that.

Savannahs love giving “head-butts”, they butt their heads against their owners as a sign of affection.

What is typical lifespan for a Savannah cat?
Most of Savannah cats live longer life than regular domestic cats in average of 17-20 years.

Are Savannah cats legal in my state?

In some states, cities and countries early generation of Savannahs are prohibited, you will need to check with your city if it is legal to have a Savannah cat as a pet.

The hybrid law can be found at: http://www.hybridlaw.com/