Savannah Cats and Their Characteristics


The breeding program of Savannah cats was established in 1980's, a large spotted domestic cat identified by their best personality traits and exotic look. Savannahs are known for being intelligent, energetic, curious, playful, and friendly. They are better known by the following characteristics.  

Savannahs spend time bonding with every member of the family. You will be amazed at how affectionate they are as they will greet you upon entering the door and follow you through with their unexpected bounce and head butts. They are even friendly to people that are new to them and to other dogs and cats.

Training them on a leash is quite easy with the use of a walking jacket. You can train them to play “fetch,” they love learning new tricks, they enjoy water and absolutely love heights.

Affectionate With Family Members
Unlike other typical cats who are aloof and independent, Savannahs go along with everyone in the household. Their affection level is attributable to being raised inside a home. Living with people make them feel comfortable with humans and bond with them easily.

Amount of Their Shedding
It’s already given that you will deal with cat hair on your sofa, clothes and everywhere in the house if you share living with a cat. Savannahs cats shed too, but not as much as the other cat breeds.

Adaptable to People and Things Around
Savannahs are highly adaptable to what they see and hear. This characteristic can be attributed to their high level of affection and friendliness.

Friendliness to Kids, Dogs, and Other Cats
They are very tolerant of children, have a nonchalant attitude toward screaming and running youngsters, and are sturdy enough in handling other pets. They are unique compared to the other breeds considering their friendliness toward humans and other household animals. For them, strangers are friends as they greet guests with their playful approach or curious glance. Moreover, kittens respond better to strangers than adult cats since they were exposed to different ages, shapes, types, and sizes.

High Level of Energy
Three of the best characteristics of Savannah cats are their curiosity, intelligence and being active; and these qualities definitely require a lot of patience to live with. They demand more interaction as they look for ways to get your attention. Try to challenge your Savannah cat and keep them interested in life through games, interactive toys, and tricks.

General Health
Savannahs are notable to be a healthy cat breed. Their kittens are isolated from the household’s main part to shy away from physical, health problems.   

Having Exceptional Sense of Humor
Their sense of humor is without comparison. They love good jokes, especially when they are at your own expense. They are so lively as they love to climb places higher than you can expect and push things down onto you.  

Keep all these characteristics of Savannah cats in mind while you are searching to purchase your next companion from us!