The Three Fuzzy Stages of Savannah Kittens

The Three Fuzzy Stages of Savannah Kittens

Savannah kittens show magnificent markings at birth. However, they seem to quickly lose their color and contrast as these kittens become fuzzier. Various bloodlines actually experience this fuzzy ugliness at varying stages. Generally, Savannah kittens go through fuzzy stages from their birth until they reach six months old. From birth to four or seven days, kittens are found to have clear and crisp coats due to their short hair. This is the ideal time to picture them. Kittens with inky markings will have darker base coat color as they mature. They become more impressive once they reach six to eight weeks as their markings start to spread apart. Savannah kittens undergo fuzzy changes in three stages:

Stage One

Referred to as the downy-soft fuzzy stage, this happens when the kittens are age one to three weeks. The coat texture of the kittens at this stage appears very fine while the length of their hair become longer. Their coat appears so soft rather than crisp. Those kittens with lighter basecoat show lighter spots long-term. Kittens having black noses are expected to have neutral –beige base color, not golden-orange hues.

Stage Two

The guard hair fuzzy moment of Savannah kittens’ life happens when they reach the age ranging from six to ten weeks. This is the fuzzy stage attributable to their wild heritage when they begin to become mobile. This stage allows the Serval cubs to blend into the Wild's underbrush. Their guard hairs tend to double the typical coat length. The kittens during this stage usually go to their new homes. Getting photos of them at this time is difficult as their hairs drop out in few weeks. The prominence of their spotting in their younger years will return as they mature.

Stage Three

The third fuzzy stage of Savannah kittens is considered remarkable because they go through extreme growth spurts. This final stage makes them skinnier, taller, and their coat seems to lose their vibrancy. Most of their energy this time is concentrated on their growth as well as their being pulled from everything else. They will only fill back out along with the richer color and contrast of their coat when their growth spurt slows. More noticeable growth spurt of fuzzy stages generally happens to the higher generation Savannahs. Savannahs look spectacular at four to eight months though their markings start to blend and fade as they mature.

Savannah kittens are likened to children who naturally go through different stages of growth. They become very beautiful when all have said is done. Their exceptional intelligence, as well as their ability to become woven into our lives' fabric, makes them more beautiful compared to any other cat breed.