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Savannah Seattle is a small in-home cattery. We specialize in producing stunning looking F1 & F2 Savannah kittens with a wild serval-look, bold black spots and striking coat. Our cats are uniquely bred for an exotic look that emphasizes large ears, long legs, and a beautiful vivid pattern. All of our cats are raised in our home with our 2 children. We take pride in the amount of work that we do to socialize our kittens, we post daily photos on our social media account where you can see how your kitten is growing. When it's time to pick up your savannah kitten, he/she will be harness trained and cat wheel trained. Our cats come from the most experienced breeders and we do not inbreed. Hand delivery available all over the USA.

Queens & Kings

Eevee F1 | Queen

Eevee is our home grown F1 Savannah queen. She was our first F1 that we have produced here at Savannah Seattle. She is our tallest and crazy loving, affectionate unique savannah. Her strong headbutts and the relationship she has with our kids cannot be explained in words. Eevee is simply the best.

Khaleesi F1 | Queen

Khaleesi is an F1 Savannah, she is 60% serval. She was the main reason we fell in love with this breed. She has a beautiful black nose just like her father, African-Serval. Khaleesi is very intelligent and loves to talk. She loves playing with children and dogs and enjoys walks in the park. Ever since she was a kitten, she loved water and to this day she won’t stay back when she hears it running. Khaleesi can jump over 7 feet high from a sitting position. Teo and Khaleesi make beautiful F2 kittens.

F1 Daphne | Queen

Daphne is an F1 Savannah, she is 60% serval. She has gorgeous exotic look and very distinctive big spots. Daphne is a really caring mother who truly enjoys every bit of motherhood.

F2 Khione | Queen

Khione is a gorgeous silver Savannah, she is large in size and extremely loving in her temperament.

Khamai SBT Savannah | Queen

Khamai is an amazing mommy.

Teo F6 | King

Teo is our main king at Savannah Seattle. He is an F6 SBT Savannah with a thick black nose. His spots resemble earlier generation of Savannahs. Teo is a sweet loving boy that purrs non-stop. All of his kiddos take after his great personality.

Zorro | King

Our beautiful king Mr. Zorro

Available Kittens

2 Available

F3 Savannah

Female | 4 weeks old

Price: $6,800

Beautiful F3 girl with large inky spots and stunning gold coat! She's a real talker :)


We offer 2 year health guarantee as well as the vaccination record and health certificate for all our kittens. All of our kittens are TICA registered.

F1 Savannah ~60% Serval

Female | 2 weeks old

Price: $19,000

We have one beautiful F1 baby girl available in this litter. She's got amazing gold serval coat with giant spots. The most exotic Savannah kitten- Don't miss out on her!


We offer 2 year health guarantee as well as the vaccination record and health certificate for all our kittens. All of our kittens are TICA registered.

Savannah Cat Guide

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